Landing runway Forecast system

So when you are making a flight plan you plan one runway to Land at and you are requesting to Land now and the Tell your to go around and enter from other end because your side is closed but When you were planning it was open
This idea would help you pick your runway and get an accurate estimate of which runways will be open
Please comment with what you think

Wasn’t this idea already requested? I am unsure, please correct me if i’m wrong.

Also, isn’t this what METARS are for?


I have a feeling these two are similar, correct me if I’m wrong again.


This is runway and landing specific

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As a pilot, you should be able to know your landing runway based on METAR and TAF information.


This is basically the easy way out of flight planning it appears like. Not for me, sorry.


I’m Still learning people it’s what we’re all doing

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In the future can you please use some punctuation. It makes posts easier to read and easier to understand the point one is trying to convey.


That’s why the runways are coloured. Green/yellow = open, red is “closed” unless ATC clears you. Runways colours correspond to wind direction. You should always land in a headwind. Headwinds will be green/yellow runways

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Just modify your flight plan if runways change while en route.

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This is is what ATIS does. It tells the landing and departing issues. They have already said they are trying to rework ATIS but no promises.


When filing, you listen to the ATIS at your arrival airport so your runway/approach is almost never inaccurate.


Just observe which runways are either being used if there is ATC, or what runways are green (or possibly yellow).

(Change the ICAO code in the URL for other airports.)

However, runway-in-use is not determined solely by weather. Even if predictive METARs/TAFs were incorporated, it wouldn’t provide anything you can’t gather from a 30-second look at the URL.

Even that aside, it strikes me, now having seen at least two requests for this in the last several hours, just how easy it is to take a gander at the map on your way to the airport to see the pattern of inbound traffic. Nay, not easy; necessary. Incorporating such a simple and (I think) imperative habit into 30 seconds of your flight would serve the same purpose.