Landing Rudder Bug

So ever since the last update or so. When I land and after finish flaring, putting the nose wheel on the runway the rudder controls doesn’t work until I reach around 60kts. I need to use the rudder to correct my alignment on the runway after landing. This needs to be fixed asap it’s annoying and messing up my landings.

This was done on purpose. Align before your nose wheel touches the ground.

The rudder was made a bit stiff in the last update to help with the crosswind landings and takeoffs :)

To add on to what was mentioned above, if you keep your nose wheel in the air (flaring) you will be able to some-what “steer” the aircraft.

The devs have made an update to the rudder to make it more realistic so therefore the rudder will have less affect at high speeds.

Not an issue. That is by design. Thanks for the report. Happy Flying! 😉


Just needed to address this.

Before the nose wheel touches the pavement you need to correct the crab that you have in your flare. In other words, you need to point the nose straight down the runway before the nose wheel touches the ground. This will ensure that you’re not veering off into the grass upon landing.

Message me if you have further questions. Thanks.