Landing Review System

Hi. I just thought of something that would be quite nice in my opinion. It is a system that detects how well you landed. It is determined by

-Vertical Speed

For example, if you had a perfect speed, but a bad v/s or bad alignment, the landing would be ‘Medium’. If you have everything perfect it would be ‘Perfect’ and if everything went wrong it would say ‘Bad’. Something like stats in the menu could be opened and you could see how many bad, medium and perfect landings you made. And it would be nice if there was an average v/s, speed and alignment offset too.

Let me know what you think of this idea. It’s just a concept and of course, the chance of this being added is low, I understand.


Or maybe a out of 10 system kind of thing, ten is best 1 is worst…cool idea!

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Thanks! That may be even better! I thought of a pop-up bar at the top of your device that would fade out a few seconds after landing.


your idea is great
however, in the real world we take some parameters to judge a landing, a little different from what you proposed, e.g.

  • vertical speed (some manufacturers use the G-force value at touchdown instead of the vertical speed)
  • alignment with regard to the centerline
  • touchdown point with regard to the so called 1.000ft point touchdown zone (optimal touchdown point).
  • remaining runway at taxi speed

The speed itself does not help much, because it depends on the weight and the design of the aircraft.
a CRJ 700, for instance, lands faster than an A320, although it is a smaller aircraft, which is due to the wing design.


Thank you for this addition! I thought of it and designed it in just a few minutes, so didn’t really think about the values it would be rated on. Indeed, you are correct. I did mean alignment with regard to the centerline, but wasn’t very clear.

This sort of exists already, with the xp system. This could make it clearer, as it can be a little tricky to work out.

Yes, but the XP system doesn’t exist in Solo mode, does it?

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No. It doesn’t.

That’s why I think that even if it is just the XP System, some kind of record of your landings etc. should exist also in Solo mode.

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The way you define ‘bad’ is different from everyone else; someone’s bad is another’s good! In different scenarios landing requirements differ. I don’t like the idea in this sense as I don’t think it would help on specific matters.

The XP you get is loosely based on how smooth the landing is.

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@dasabel100. " Let me know what you think of this idea. It’s just a concept and of course, the chance of this being added is low, I understand."

Max Sez… Stop wasting our time and fishing for support! If the chances of being added are low why waste all this storage and comment space. This is not a a carnival cruise its for mature and achievable solutions to our common interests. Just sayin

I could have seen that coming ;)

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Personally, i think that’s an ignorant response (sorry, and no offence meant!) - but the whole point of this forum is as a suggestion box to help decision makers (eg to highlight what is wanted/popular or in other instances just to give the development team suggestions - if xp is already doing the work and obtaining the info, a valid suggestion with enough likes might make the developers think about adding this feature to the detail on the screen you usually get the xp…even without many likes they may feel it could easily be incorporated and a nice addition and an easy win.

Yes, they may also see the suggestion and decide on other work, but no suggestion is a waste of space or time…criticism of a post after it has been made is a bigger waste of space in my opinion and those of us that want to improve our airmanship would welcome a way of analysing things such as landing… I respect you @Maxmustang but not your opinion in this instance :) (I think it’s achievable and as mature a suggestion as many others :) )

If suggestions weren’t made, or innovative organisations had a culture of ‘putting down’ suggestions, no progress would be made and half the things we do in life, including IF, would not be possible - worth keeping in mind :)


@MrDLeadFreak… Max Sez. A Philosophy lesson "With no offence meant? “Ignorant”, only in the eyes of the beholder! Thank you for your less than succinct observations Mr. Freak. As you know opinions are like (perjoritive deleted) holes etc. Thanks for taking the time and effort required for the critique! Have a Mad Max Peanut with my compliments;

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:) - you’re quite right, can’t really use “ignorant” & “no offence meant” without it being a contradiction in terms, but I don’t mean any ill feeling towards you :)

You’re quite right again in that I don’t do succinct :p and everyone does have an opinion and ours differ…that’s life I suppose, from having read so much of the forum, I feel that my opinion fits under the ‘minority’ category, but I don’t like to see anyone shot down for using this forum in the way I feel it was intended, and I feel a genuine need to comment on anything I feel is out of order…One of my many faults :p

Back to the topic before I get told off by someone else (usually someone looking for a chance to comment ;) ) - I would still welcome any feedback/score that I can improve upon - it can only be a positive for me :)

@MrDLeadFreak… This is what got my attention in the original post;
“Let me know what you think of this idea. It’s just a concept and of course, the chance of this being added is low, I understand.”. You’ll note I had no issue with the Topic just the closer! Fishing and gaming the chance of success do not wash with me. I totally agree with you on the Forums concept, purpose and free flow of thought and opinion. Appears we are of like mind but we use a differant approach. There’s a method to my madness, been there done that!
Remember there are no minorities here, everyone has a place at the table and your welcome to sit at mine. Regards, Max Sends

Thanks @Maxmustang I really appreciate your kind and considered reply!

Forgive the misunderstanding as I now see your issue with the post - the topic stands up on its own without needing a sympathy vote :)

Thanks again and I wish you only the best most gentle and true of course landings, with or without the above feedback :D :p

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I think something like this would be OK but needs to be less intrusive than a bar coming up every time I land. Or at least optional.


A sympathy vote it never was. I only tried to avoid comments saying ‘This will probably not be added’ because they don’t really add anything to the conversation. Maybe it was the wrong way of doing so.

Nice idea Dasabel :D

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