Landing Requirement for Grade-3

Hi. I am a Grade 2 pilot currently and trying hard to upgrade to Grade 3. I have met all the requirements for Grade 3 except for my total amount of landings. I was wondering if this requirement could be reduced because all my other statistics are well beyond the requirements for Grade 3, it’s just that I don’t have 100 landings. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it’s very difficult to accumulate landings. Is it realistic to see the landing requirement reduced, or is it not? And if not, does anyone have any tips for how to gain landings quicker?


Hey there! The requirements are at that specific point for a reason. As for now, they just changed the grade 3 requirements and most likely will not change them for a while. Nothing has been confirmed.

  1. Touch and goes (patterns) at any airport (preferably multi-runway and not parallel runways)

  2. Short hauls


Hello! There are no plans, that I am familiar with, of the grade requirements being changed. However, doing pattern work at airports are a great way to build landings. When doing pattern work, I’d highly suggest a GA aircraft. You’ll be able to build landings much faster than in an airliner. Don’t worry! You’ll get there! 😁

Lol, I remember looking this one up, funniest (but most effective) answer I found was using the Spitfire Mk VIII and taking off, hard turn to come in and land again (Must do this on casual to avoid acrobatic violation).

Love your profile pic! Go birds!

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You can get landings by doing bunny hops on airports with multiple runways. KLAX is a favourite of mine

F22 is easier lol
Flaps 30 in F22 don’t change your pitch, probably bad model

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Touch and goes are probably the best thing you can do. I remember when I hit grade 3 I would perform touch and goes at whatever airport for at least 30 minutes everyday. You’ll get there eventually.

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Touch and go’s are easiest way to get landings in

Yea but the Spitfire is slower…

😂. Thanks, I’ll try it out.

🦅🦅 Fly Eagles Fly

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It’s also harder to land than an F22
F22 has another capability: slowing from mach 1 to landing speed in like 10 secs by pulling out flaps 30 so you can zoom between airports

I personally find the best way to land at KNRC. There the runways lie extremely well together.


You should take a plane that is easy to fly and land. You then start on one runway and then turn and land on the other.

I wish you luck!

Personally I did rapid landings flying between KPDX and KTTD since they are only 8.2nm apart from each other

I’m grade 2 pilot as well so i just keep flying everywhere and airports you will get there

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