Landing Req for grades

To get a better grade, can I just do touch-and-go in a small airport to get my landings up? And does landing on grass/land count?


Yup touch and goes count!

and you can land on grass runways, that will also count

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In my opnion thats the best way to do it, its best if you do a full traffic pattern, instead of hopping around runways.

If you are landing on a grass runway, yes but landing on the scenery outside the airport doesn’t :)

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Yes, touch and go count as an landing and also landing on Grass RUNWAY counts. But if you land in the taxi way, or on the ground off the runway it won’t count🙂

Yep! Touch and goes work.

I really recommend watching this amazing tutorial by @GBKarp too:

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Thanks @tunamkol for using my tutorial! This may not be the most realistic way of getting landings, but for sure it is the fastest!


u may try the following airports
-any similar airport to EGLL with runways at a suitable distance apart, such that a citation x can cope with it.

grinding landings with a Citation X at LEMD for 20min got me an astounding 20 landings!

Good aircraft for use:
citation x

Or go to KOSH in an Xcub I cranked out 10 landings once in about 5min.

I would recommend KEDW with a C172, but this is off topic so let’s stop talking about how to get the landings, and focus on the original question.

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