Landing ratio error

Hey I made a similar topic once but this time it’s happened again haven’t had a single new violation and all have been doing is properly flying. Yet I still get booted for landing ratio I was on expert last I believe Friday

I do have a screenshot of it if needed

I guess it’s because of the new landing to violation ratio rule. Simply do some more landings to fly in expert server again :)

Please send us the screenshot and your grade table

You have exactly a 1:2 violation:landing ratio it seems. Just increase your landings a tad bit more

I have more landings I have flown at least 3 landings. I can recall a cross wind KMKE no violations I also can recall a flight in South America and some pattern work at saint Martian that’s at least three

Screenshots of proof

You might have not stayed on the runway long enough. That’s probably why your landings didn’t count
Or they were probably included in your 148 landings

Go to LEMD and get a landing or two by touch and goes, then come back here.

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Is the weather good? I’ll meet an atc there in 5 thanks for the help