Landing Rate Monitor

After being inspired by a YouTube video by Chewwy on XP11, I decided to make this feature request. I think it would be pretty cool to have a landing rate monitor that measures the heaviness of your landing (FPM). It could look something like this that pops up just as you touch down:

Credits to Chewwy’s video:

I guess this is cool but you could just take a look at the vertical speed indicator about 5-10 feet from the runway


Yeah but I find that would distract me from actually landing the aircraft.


Gravitational forces (G) exerted on airframe on touchdown is a good indicator as well. The closer to 1.0 G the better :)

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If you have a joystick, or connect IF to your PC through LiveFlight Connect, you can get all of this data. I use it all the time to see how I did at landing competitions and for videos/streams.


It has come to my attention that this is Windows ONLY (Thanks @Matt02).


Their is a landing rate monitor in cockpit mode.

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In flightassistant will help you !

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That would be the V/S. Yes, we can use it to know our landing rate but it wouldn’t be easy and accurate.

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I recently made a post regarding something similar to this. The post,had to do with the absence of real time Vertical Speed readings on replay mode, this helped many people measure their landings and it is now absent for it just displays one or two numbers. I would vote for this request but the developers told me that they will work on the issue to fix the Vertical Speed problem meaning that this would be this feature would be rather unnecessary. The feature may be insignificant in solo but this would be an EXCELLENT feature on live as we do not have any way of reading our Vertical Speed except for looking at the Vertical Speed indicator last second, this would be fatal as it would distract us from greasing the plane in front of all the jealous players.


Exactly! I think this feature would be absolutely brilliant and mainly aimed towards the live mode.

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Just managed to stumble across this…

Can probably be closed as you can use In-flight Operations to calculate the fpm of your landing!

I don’t think it has to be closed
3rd party features are separate (optional) to what we have in-game and not everyone uses them, some devices can’t handle multiple background apps while flying.

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There’s an app for this - In Flight Operations. Sample:

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@CaptainHugh already mentioned :)

Mods will close it if they feel it’s necessary, however it may be that they wont as IFO is a 3rd party app!

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Oop sorry… :)

This is a great idea!

Would you be able to turn it off for those of us who don’t really care about the V/S necessarily?

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I like this idea but what about it being on the UI at the bottom of your screen (ya know where you can interchange to ETE or Winds or even your Landings) It would show you the FPM of your most recent landing and if you don’t want it there you can just change it for Dist to Dest or something. Better then a huge blob in the middle of your screen distracting you from the flight itself… Just an idea :)