Landing Rate in a Third Party App?

This is a question for every ThirdParty app and rather a suggestion for them to maybe add your planes landing rate. I don’t know what it would take to add such a feature but i’m sure it is possible. I just feel that it would be a real good addition and then people could see how good (or bad) there landing was. This would be especially useful when flying in Live as you cant replay your landing and see if it was smooth or not.
@epaga, @Luqman_Hussain? Do any of you think it is possible?


This would be seriously awesome!


Well in IFasistant there is a feature. Applause when ur touch down rate under 350VS then u will hear PAX clapping for u.

Is there! In what part of the app is that?

well u gotta purchase the app calls ‘‘IFasistant’’ then inside u have to make a purchase again
in passanger feature… I mean u will see it

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Ahh so its in the IF Assistant Cabin Crew Announcements bit

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well after I purchase several hours I ask for refund that feature bc I don’t like the accent of Flight attendant, and I don’t need that Applause feature as my touch down rate always below 300VS which is standard requirement :)

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Yeah, i dont think i will buy it but if the dev could add an actual number that shows up as an notification on the screen. That would be cool.

you could always need that, beside most of the time apple declines my refund. you can use infinite passengers, then the airlines you don’t have, you could use the in flight assistant. some airlines packs in infinite flight already have a custom landing announcement, like easyjet which also have an custom cruising and landing announcement, american, british, jetblue, KLM, etc.

I know I wish each of them have those features!
Unfortunately I don’t use those airlines that often as I mostly play in Europe region, so I bought quite many soundtracks European Airliners

Well - My original suggestion was for there to be and addition to an app that would tell you your exact landing rate, I think it would be a good feature that I would pay for if someone could do it.

I would love this!!
By the way I have a feeling that his watching matt davies:)

Very good feeling! That’s where the idea came from.

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@epaga , it would awesome if “Mark” would give one of his colorful remarks on your landings :) He’s my favorite co-pilot here at “Air America” aka Lyft’nUber Air, aka Redneck Airways