Landing Question

When I land using most aircraft, I can get the main wheels to smoothly touch down but the nose wheel will slam down no matter how much I flare up.

I use this for guidance with all aircraft: All Aircraft Take Off and Landing Speeds (Version 19.1).

Does anyone have any tips so that I can hold the nose wheel up as long as possible and smoothly touch down?



Are your parking brakes on at touchdown? If so, that does cause some aircraft to slam down on the nose.

I normally leave brakes alone until all wheels are down.

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Keep some back pressure on the yoke or stick and that should allow for the nose to come down smooth. dont let the nose flop by pushing forward to neutral position

No I don’t activate parking breaks until I turn off the reverse thrust

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Are you using full reverse thrust because that can cause the nose in some aircraft to slam down

I usually don’t turn on reverse thrust until the nose wheel touches down


You don’t want to keep the nose wheel up for as long as possible (unless you’re looking to break the world record for the world’s longest plane wheelie, of course).

this ^

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I also like to use positive trim to help keep the nose in a positive position to help to combat the nose dropping suddenly. Have you tried that?

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Good thinking. So, I would recommend keeping back pressure on the controls or add trim. Pull a little harder once on the ground if you have to. Landing requires high amounts of concentration from A/P off to wheels down.

having trim or not, if you dont keep back pressure on the yoke or stick then the nose will flop with trim too

You’re only supposed to use parking brakes when parking. Use the progressive braking by sliding the rudder down.

I’ll go through my process

Short final: flare at 20ft
Set thrust to idle.
Smooth main sheen landing and don’t move the yoke.
Nose wheel still slams down
Activate reverse thrust
Activate parking break

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Of course. It just helps to lower it slowly when you have your nose in a positive position with trim assisting.

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Also don’t land too slow or fast. It just slams the plane down

I usually land light aircraft 120kt and heavy aircraft 135kt

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Maybe it could be something with a particular aircraft. What aircraft were you using in this particular case?

I would say around 150-135kts. For heavies

I was using the A318. I’ve only master the nose wheel of the A350 and the B737BBJ

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Oh. Those things do like to come down hard for me as well. It may be the result of the spoilers deploying.

I found it is a lot easier to land on heavy aircraft but I want to start using lighter aircraft more

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