Landing Question

Hi everyone I have a question, when you’re landing on (Expert Server)
after you takeoff and you fly in you’re flight plan, and then you approach you’re destination when you’re descending what do you do or say to ATC that you’re on final? Thank you

You first contact Approach. They will give you vectors and hand you off to the tower, then you tell the Tower you’re inbound on the ILS/GPS/Visual and they will talk to you and then you can tell them you’re on final, once you’re on final of course.

Ok thank you

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You can use this topic, I found it very helpful when starting out in IF


Sorry, but No! you will tell Tower that you are inbound on the ILS/Visual/Gps


Yes, that.

Please also use this topic for any further inquiries

Ok after you say that then you put you’re runway that you’ll be landing in correct

Ok next time I’ll do that sorry

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Do you have any more questions? If so, you can ask them here instead of the other topic (since you already created this topic)

No that’s all but thank you