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Hi everyone I have a question about Expert Sever after you take off do you need to contact atc for final ?
Because say if I fly a TBM-930 around a airport no flight plan could I just land freely or do I need to contact ATC when I’m ready to land?

Well why, since you are Taking Off, Not landing. Unless you are attempting a touch and go, you contact the ATC for a Touch and Go.

So after I contact ATC for takeoff I can land without telling ATC I’m ready to land ?

Sorry I’m new to Expert Server thank you

No, if you are landing immediately after take off, you must request for land. This should not be a problem inside non busy airport. 👍

Ok thank you could you please tell me how to send a message to ATC that I’m on final

When you’re requesting takeoff, you request to stay in the pattern. If the ATC allows it (they might not), then they will give you instructions on how to enter (left downwind, right downwind, etc.). You must always wait for clearance. No ATC on expert server will allow you to land without clearance…they’ll either ask you to follow instructions, or ghost you if you don’t comply. They will clear you to land once they put you back on a final/short final. OR they might say “N278D, enter right base runway 16, number 1 cleared to land.”

If they already clear you to land, DO NOT send “on final” again. That only clutters the frequency with needless chatter.


Ok thank you

@Armani_B Check out this great overview of tutorials Here before you start your Expert Server experience.

@ChronicTailwinds This is not entirely correct.
If you ask for pattern work, the controller will not give you a pattern entry. He/she will give you a direction with your TO clearance.
Once sequenced, he will clear your for the option (unless full stop has been announced), rather than clearing to land. :)
The reason why I’m being a smart a** is, because people will go through theses comments and pick on stuff they are not supposed to do. Aspiring Expert ATC will get confused by this :)


No matter the server, always stay on the tower frequency while in the pattern - this is usually how it’s done in the real world.

You request takeoff, the ATC will first clear you for takeoff and give you a pattern direction (left or right traffic - sometimes just a straight out departure if they aren’t allowing it), then they will sequence you (if there are other aircraft to follow) and then clear you for the option.

Please, please, please never takeoff or land without being tuned into the tower frequency - no matter the server. It could get you ghosted



Thank you very much

Here is a scenario if you are wanting to do touch and goes. Let’s just say your callsign is NH12 and you are wanting to takeoff and do touch and goes. “NH12 ready for takeoff at runway 34L, remaining in the pattern”. If you are the only one at the airport it would “NH12 cleared for takeoff, make left traffic” . You would then be given a “clear for the option” once you are on the crosswind/downwind.

It should be clarified that you cannot be ghosted or otherwise reported on either TS or CS for all intensive purposes UNLESS there are special conditions where a pilot is deemed being deliberately disruptive and a MOD or other agent is monitoring your activity…l routinely see takeoffs and landings esp at LAX and JFK obviously that would have been prohibited if they had been on the ES !

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Before take-off you announce remain in the pattern. ATC knows all what it is necessary.
You don’t tell you are DOWNWIND, BAS or FINAL. ATC is going to tell you to enter DOWNWIND, BASE and so on.

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