Landing problems

السلام عليكم

لو سمحت ابغى اشتري طائرة الخطوط السعوديه بس ما حصلتها تكفى علمني اشلون اجيبها

I don’t think you should be typing in Arabic…

For the rest, Google Translate:

If allowed i want to buy Saudi Arabian Airlines plane but I do collected enough taught me Ashlon Ojebha

To buy the Saudi Arabian plane, purchase the A319. The 787 might also have it in future. Just be warned that this costs real life money from a credit card, or an iTunes card. Hope this helps!

لشراء الطائرة السعودية ، وشراء A319 . قد يكون لديك 787 أيضا في المستقبل . مجرد أن حذر من أن هذا يكلف المال واقع الحياة من بطاقة الائتمان أو بطاقة اي تيونز . أتمنى أن يساعدك هذا!


I think he’s just saying his parents don’t allow him to buy anything yet but when the day comes when he has his freedom, he’ll buy the Saudia plane…

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I have purchased a Saudi Arabian Airlines plane .
The question here is :
How do you buy the rest of the aircraft and airports

  • Also I have a point:
    I can not landing well
    Do you help me even rappel excellently
    thank you for helping me

I believe you mean Live+

For flying, check out the tutorials

@Carson I see English lol

How is the speed and the distance from the ground up to rappel well.
Is autopilot can fall or not
I want answers from you dear even Wajid takeoff and landing

  • I’m sorry for the long, time with my wishes you good luck

You can buy every aircraft and regions with Live+, as stated by @NatIsrael972, but you “rent” them for a year. If you want to keep everything, you can buy aircraft and regions individually.

It’s really hard to understand what you are trying to say… but I believe rappel means land?

Is autopilot can fall or not - You mean can you enable and then disable Autopilot or would the Autopilot fail?

I want additional aircraft
And also I want Airports
for example
London Airport
The Paris airport

I can not landing well I dropped in the ground
What is the solution my dear

مرحبا بكم في منتدى! (Welcome on the forum!)

Back on topic
Have you checked your airplane weight? And the flaps? And your speed?

I do not know how much the required speed when landing and also do not know the required aspect ratio

Check this topics :) I hope that will help you.

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Sadly I couldn’t find the stall speeds for the B717, so the speeds there may not be accurate.

You just have to write down the stall speeds for your aircraft with your current weight at each configuration, then multiply the numbers by 1.3, and you’ll get the maneuvering speeds for each flap setting, the last one should be your approach speed.

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