Landing problems

Hey guys whenever i land just before approaching the landing strip my GPA in my cockpit says like 88° hdg to the runway… so i follow 88° but even then i do not get alligned with the runway and end up landing anywhere but the runway… even after i folllow the gps info… any solution guys?

Yep…dont try to fly only after GPS, use your instruments, Localizer and Glide scope:


I learnt something new today! :) (the line bit!)


highly recommend reading this.


You should use that value behind the localizer only when you are inline with the Runway and when you are too much on the left/right just add Or remove a few degrees to your HDG until you are inline with the RW (Then Change it back to the Value behind the localizer)

omg im new to this so i dont understand what u said… what do u mean by the value “behind” the localizer?

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What about that line? 😃😃

The Heading number behind the Circle with the moving Line in it

See Bro?..thats why’d made that picture…😁

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dont mind bro but please could u show it with an image and an arrow XD :p

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Wait a second…

@Nikhil_Shroff… MaxSez. Don’t know if yr IFR or VFR Nick but the Bore Sight and Flight Vector line up in the HUD is the key when the runway is in sight.
Eyeballs over instruments unless in IMC Cat3.

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Sorry this is an older Video but take a look at the HDG Autopilot ( oh and sorry it wasn’t inline (Bad Skills))
Flying manually Is better

First thing I noticed was that the spoilers were engaged while trying to maintain AP speed hold. That’s a no no. Spoilers should not ever be used in that scenario.


The auto pilot is not intended to be used for landing. That would be what APPR is for, which unfortunately is not yet available on all our planes.
It would be a better choice to land heading into the wind rather than with the wind (as in the video), whenever it is possible.
Don’t be afraid to use more flaps, and disengage the AP heading and altitude holds when on final. Keep a thumb on the throttle at all times.
Don’t engage brakes until all wheel tough down.

Keep your vector lined up with the runway. That is showing where the plane is actually heading and will be. Use the rudder to line the bore up with the vector, but be careful to correct that before nose wheel comes down. AKA “de-crabbing”

Sorry if I am repeating something, I didn’t have time to read all the other comments. Just adding my two cents and tips for whatever it’s worth to you.

Let me know if you want more help. I’ll be happy to assist even by PM.


Same - maybe he remembered Spoilers for landing, but instead of arming them, he extended them while flying.


Yes I know…😳I was so excited because it was Recorded that I forgot it
And I just used AP because I wanted to demonstrate the use of the localizer and the number which is standing next to it (Heading number )
(I actually did what Appr do (just not so good))

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