Landing problem

So I’m going to try and describe this as simple as possible. So im on approach to a runway, it’s looking smooth, trim is already at 15%, descent is looking nice, now just when my nose pitches up, the main gear is supposed to touch the ground but that doesn’t end up happening, and I climb, and land again, what’s a fix to this?

Landing video

What autopilot settings do you have active?

Autopilot is disengaged, power is at 45

Did you cut power just before touch down?

No, I try to cut down power slowly but I don’t know why it climbs back up again

Generally cut power to idle about 30 ft… I’ll assume you have to much power on the initial touchdown which with the pitch will lift you up again.

I’m gonna try that thanks!

Do I still need to pull the yoke at 30ft as well?

Shouldn’t have to much.

Power to idle will drop the rear end and you’ll loose altitude naturally. The nose’ll stay up a tad if you’re nuetral on the yoke

Pull back just enough to make your flare look pretty but not so much to tail trike

Yep I just tried it, was a hard landing but it try to climb back again, thanks! Landing

Firstly, your speed is a little bit high for A321. It should be according to your airplane load at the time of descent. Generally, A321’s landing speed should be 148kts or 145kts (according to my experience)
Secondly, your flare angle is too much, try reducing it a bit.
Lighter the aircraft, the more it will try to climb if your flare angle is high. Work on these and you might have better results!

@N111XP Can you change the category of this post to general? there aren’t any screenshots or videos here.

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