Landing problem

Do you know how to hold the front gear in the air for a long time? Because every time I land, the front gear automatically hits the ground straight after the main gear touches the ground…(Like really quickly and hardly) It’s kind of hard to explain but I hope you will understand…

When do you active brakes?

Use trim and pitch up when you land, this should fix it 😀

I tried it… Didn’t work :/

Try what @Adrien is suggesting, apply the brakes only at 60-70 KNTS

I actually never use the brakes in a landing…

Apply reverse thrust later as well.

Wait I’ll try that…

When the front landing gear slams down it’s because you are not flaring soon enough. 50ft above the runway you should have around -400fpm as the most you are descending at.

Actually, with the A320 Family, it’s pretty much impossible to not slam the nose gear. APPR or not, with trim or not, the results are the same.

Well with you landing with the a320 family then no spoilers when landing because their is a glitch that slams the nose down and make sure you are pitching up and using trim. If you talking any other plane just make sure your are pitching up and using trim.

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I had this problem as well! Here’s the fix:
When landing turn the spoilers off completely then you should be able to flare and land with the nose up. It shouldn’t drop on touch down now that the spoilers aren’t deployed. Land with them off then after nose gear touch down deploy the spoilers manually to full (armed).

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