Landing Problem

Hi, i have a problem about landing When Approaching any Aiport My Plane is going right ı cant understand why İn KLAX No problem but the other airports ı have the same problem Thanks For Your Help

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Welcome to the Infinite Flight Community @egemenyilmaz!

Could you elaborate on your problem at all? Is your aircraft rolling to the right? Or is it moving to the right?

Any details would be appreciated.

Maybe due to wind

Rolling to right

If its rolling to the right it could also be due to crosswind too. What is the wind when you’re landing?

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It could be that you enable APPR, and do so incorrectly?

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5-10 its not too much

Yeah İn Appr Mode ı am approaching right right

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Even 5-10 is enough to require a little rudder to counteract the wind.


Thanks İ will Try


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