Landing practice

When selected for kpcc, why does it start as no Throttle, full flaps, 1000 AGL , one step from a nose dive. Doesn’t seem right. Awful lot to fix that shouldn’t be necessary.

Explain further

That’s just how you are spawned in. The game expects for you to be able to fly


Not only for KPCC, is for every airport you choose for landing practice. You´re fully configured for landing, you just need to add the throttle with the SPD and trim if necessary to stay in the glidepath.

I figured that, just got used to MS Fox. At least it opened you in straight and level flight. Then you took it from there.

I don’t think this could be fixed. Every session starts with the calibration: every time you calibrate your device you put the yoke in the neutral position. But on approach you need some backstick + trim to keep the aircraft on the glideslope, that’s why the plane loses altitude immediately after starting an approach session.