Landing points

I when from 221 landings 3 weeks ago to 137 in a week…i am currently grade4, with 779,000xp…today Dec 30…i few 3 flights, totalling 1,600 mi. each…now I have 133 landings, please check your landing coding…Obama1…Colin Sutherland…Happy New Year…

Hmm, may be a bug. One of the developers will probably fix it. Oh and what @Mags885 said /

Is this your total landings or your rolling 90day number?

Hello Sir, your landing count is in the past 90 days, for example if you had 90 Landings, the next day you would have 89 shown in the past 90 days.

I highly doubt this is the case.

The problem is not with code, you just do not understand how the stats work.

This is also the same question you asked previously that was answered.

Today, I started with 137 landings. Made 3 flights today totalling 1600 each, and now I have 133???

The server day rolls over at 00:00 zulu. So depending on when you made your LANDING it may be on today or the next days time. Also keep in mind that your older landing drops off whatever stat (weekly, monthly) at that same time. So at midnight Zulu you lose a day and start a new day.

Everything was explained before, and again in the link above.

The 1600 is XP and means nothing in the landing count. Also make sure if you are doing touch and go’s that you slow down long enough for the landing to count.

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When you look at the Grade Table, does it say “Landings” or “Landings (90 days)”?

At this rate, I will have 50 and back to grade2…with over 780,000xp

Please share a screen shot of your stat screen.

Yes, if you stop doing landings for a period of time they will fall off and your grade will go down.

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I am enjoying 3 days off from work, enjoying my family, and trying to get some flying in…its impossible for me to maintain the 90 day rule…i will accept whatever grade I end up with, so that I can enjoy this assume platform. Best Regards