Landing Points Problem

Again, this is the 4th time I am complaining about my landing points…
On Jan1st, before I flew I had 133 points, so I did 3 flights and finished with 138 (? ).
On Jan 2nd, before I flew I had 138 points. I flew TNCM/CYVR, 8 hours and 31mins,
when I landed in Vancouver I had 133 landing points…according to my logbook numbers I should be at 246 landing points, not 133…you have a problem here, please fix it…OBAMA1…i am currently grade4 with 780,000 xp.

If this is your fourth time complaining, im sure you should know why by now. You should really look into how those stats are found.


How many times does the 90 day system be explained to you? Seriously… this is getting a bit out of hand.


When you say points are you talking about the number next to landings? There are no such thing as POINTS.

And again we will tell you the SAME response as the last TWO times you asked. Each calendar day you rack up a # of landings / etc. That window is for 90 days, etc. As you move forward one day, the earlier one “falls off” It is not a total of all landings.

Keep in mind that if you land too fast, crash, or land and take off too soon, you may not successfully register a landing. I like to drop below 100kts and then speed back up when doing patterns to make sure the landing counts.


So, I lost 5(points ) in one day…wow

Because 91 days ago you did 5 landings…

That means 91 days ago you landed 5 times. It now fell off.

You have 90 buckets
Each day you land you put an apple in that bucket for that day. If you landed 5 times, you get 5 apples.
On the 91st day, you take the first bucket, empty it out, and move it to the end. However many apples you dumped out, is how many landings fell off.
Now total up all your apples.


90 days ago, I DID 250 landings

I think your trolling. If these are the stats you say you really have you should understand the table by then. Looks like the mods have given you the clearest definition and explanation possible. If that can’t be understood, you might as well not just look at your grade table then. As tough as it sounds…


That was your TOTAL for 90 days. Not day by day. If you would actually read the tutorial I show you what each day is.

With math teaching skills like that you could by my son’s Kindergarten teacher, @Chris_S

So, you did 250 landings in one day? That has to be some kind of record…


He means his ‘landings’ in 90 days or his whole Infinite Flight career.

I when from 250 landings to 133 landings?.

What one means, and what one says are two completely different things.

I had 138 landings on jan1…today I have 133 landings

That’s because 91 days ago you landed 5 times. Why is it so hard to understand?


So you lost landing from the days leading top today. This is more than your fourth topic on this.

To Clarify

Every 90 days you have a set number of landings, so yesterday, it would be 90 days from then, and now today it will be from today. So today you will have 133 landings.

Check this topic of yours.

I have been playing this game for over 2years, paid good money for it…trolling, don’t insult me

Well then understand the system which has been explained MULITPLE time too you. So im sorry if we think you are trolling, but people have been very nice to you, and have explained the system. Im sorry if this comes off as harsh, but seriously.