Landing points dropping

I had 147 points in the morning…and in the evening I have 134 points…last month I had 216 points…dropped from grade 5 to 4…I can’t fly everyday…I work 2 jobs…Colin Sutherland ( Obama1 )

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Hi I’m happy to help, but if your writing in English this doesn’t need to be under the French support section!

Hello! May I ask, what are you meaning by “Landing Points” XP? Landings? Maybe provide a screenshot so we can know exactly what you are meaning by “Points” :)

Your landings will automatically reduce every day based on a predesignated 90 day schedule which is one of the prerequisites to maintain particular grade levels.


If you dropped to Grade 4, the following most likely happened.

  • You are under the 90 Day 200 Landing Requirment
  • You got a violation in the recent flights you did
  • You got ghosted in the recent flights you did

For you, im guessing you don’t fly often so you may have slipped under the minumum landing requirment of 200.


The points that affect your grade…200 points for grade 5…if you lose
points for violations…I have no violations in 5months…my points and
grade have been dropping due to flight time…

Well, there you go. You answered your own question! It’s your flight time that is causing you to drop your grade :)

I work 16.5 hours a day, 6 days a week…this game is fantastic, however
consideration show be given to players who have over 600,000 xp…we have
earned the right to fly on our time…and our grade should not be affected…


You’re grade is based on your overall flight time and your activity, because things change over time, and an inactive pilot might miss important changes, making him less likely to be the full grade 5 pilot. There’s no way for you to be specially exempt from the Grading system, and with the way things are probably going to turn out in Global, more fight time will probably be required to reach Grade 5, because of the longer flights pilots will most likely be flying. There’s no way around the grading system. It’s a real bummer, and many people in school with a job, or in a situation like yours or anything that keeps them from achieving that flight time makes it difficult. If you fly a 2 hour flight every day you have off, eventually you’ll reach and sustain the 20 hours you need in the last 90 days. As I said before, there’s no other way around the Grading System, but you can plan it out if being a Grade 5 is that important

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