Landing Point

If you crash during landing, it will cost you landing points…???

It will not count as a landing, correct.

All of the landings prior to the crash should count. When you get to the crash screen, simply exiting out of the app (rather than exiting the flight) may not update your landing stats correctly. If you’re looking for those other landings to show up, try starting a flight on a live server for a few minutes before exiting the flight, not the app.


But if you have landing points. and it crashes, it will cost you landing points. eg 709 to 708

Interesting. I was unable to reproduce the issue from the information you provided. Just to confirm, when you say “it crashes,” do you mean the aircraft (not the app)?

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Never seen this happen. Only thing I am aware is that it might not count the last landing when the app crashes shortly after it. If you crash the airplane in the app, all previous landings in that flight should count and and nothing gets subtracted to my knowledge.

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Yeah, You just lose a bit of XP i believe for that flight but i have not really cared to notice.

Realy? Never noticed. You just lose the XPs that you would have gotten for the landing if you haven’t crashed it.

Never happened to me before

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I’m too good of a pilot although I had a close call with a MD-11 where I just spam off the runway cause I was too heavy so I just taxied through grass pretending like nothing happened

Airplane idd

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