Landing plane without APPR

I have been having problems landing my plane if I do not use APPR. Without APPR, I either go to high on my approach to the runway, or too low and then having to do a go around. Can someone give me tips on what altitude I should be approaching a runway and what other things I should be taking into consideration when landing? It would be nice to fly planes like the 747 or the A380 without worrying about it not having APPR.


Landing is by far the trickiest stage on a flight and it takes time so don’t worry about it! Here in Infinite Flight nearly all runways are setup with a GPS or ILS approach system. Have a watch if this video from Infinite Flight where they explain how to properly fly an ILS approach in regards to altitude etc. I hope this helps, Video

When it comes to touchdown adding a little flare always helps make it smoother. This tutorial should help with that, Understanding Flare & How to Use It

Finally, Infinite Flight have some specific landing tutorials on specific aircraft so check them out in this playlist.

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This game needs PAPI system! It would be so much easier to land without appr.

The game does have a PAPI system, but not every runway / airport has them.

So how do you find the correct altitude to approah a runway?

Correct approach altitude is 3000ft agl.
(3000ft msl + airport elevation)

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So when I reach that “red” or “white” cone coming from the threshold of the runway, I should be at around 3000ft?

When flying in, ensure you have the forever runway selected on your HUD, from there if Glidescope is matched up, red circle below, you’re at the right altitude for a perfect approach. image

For the perfect approach, being at 3000ft at the end of the cone is where you need to be.


Okay, thank you

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What might be helpful as a start is to use your autopilot as help so you can focus only on one aspect of the approach as training.

For example, you can use HDG autopilot and focus entirely on your altitude. Or you use V/S and only focus on your heading. With enough training, I’m sure you will be able to land without autopilot very fast.

What I do is use Autopilot for altitude I don’t know how to explain this in a better way but when approach give me clearance for approach at let’s say 3,000 what I usually do is wait until my glideslope is at the middle part and when it is I use altitude AP usually slow down and have landing configuration and when that’s done I use the FPV to guide me in the runway using he VS button and when I’m like 2-4 miles I disconnect and Manullay land it for the sake of Smooth and butter Landing ^ sorry if it doesn’t make sense if you still don’t get it I will make a video for you and PM you

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