Landing Plan

Hello there!

Most aircraft have a landing profile of either 83/300/250 or 85/320/250. This varies on the aircraft though. A siple search will help you with this. On the IFC you can also look up the profiles of aircraft (for takeoff and landing) since your flaps etc. depend on your load. simple search “(aircraft) profiles” and you’ll find some results or you can find the more simplified thread with all aircraft profiles here: All Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Profiles (Version 20.1 Wiki!) .

Gear should be extended at ~2000ft AGL (if you are in the speed parameters (for realism only)) or 8-10nm from the threshold.

Some tips to land: try to use the HUD at first. Allign the FPV with the treshold and flare at the correct height (most of the time stated in the profiles on the IFC). You can always try to do some pattern work at a controlled (but not too busy) airport to practice.

For a flightplan, I personally use Simbrief, then IF Flightplan Tools | Editor and downlaod it and put it on my phone with a USB cable (saves me a lot of time). On Simbrief you will also find the standard climb and descent profiles for your selected aircraft.

Not sure what you mean with this so if you could elaborate on that I might be able to help.
Feel free to send me a DM on the IFC or on the IF Discord.
Happy flying!