Landing Plan

I still new unable to land properly -
Can someone help me plan Landing sequence for a flight ?
What should be flight path?

Like what should be my ideal

  1. Speed
  2. Spoiler
  3. Flaps
    When should i push gear down?

What should i feed in auto pilot to be closest to air strip and land manually than?

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Probably worth picking one of the aircraft that has a quick guide or guide on this site:


1 Speed : Depends on aircraft
2 : Spoilers : Armed
3: Depends on aircraft

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For speed spoilers and flaps it varies depending on what aircraft you are using. I would highly suggest taking a look at the Community Tutorials and search under the “aircraft guide” tag. There are several topics on many different aircraft that provide details for landing speeds and etc.

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Excellent thanks

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Hello there!

Most aircraft have a landing profile of either 83/300/250 or 85/320/250. This varies on the aircraft though. A siple search will help you with this. On the IFC you can also look up the profiles of aircraft (for takeoff and landing) since your flaps etc. depend on your load. simple search “(aircraft) profiles” and you’ll find some results or you can find the more simplified thread with all aircraft profiles here: All Aircraft Takeoff and Landing Profiles (Version 20.1 Wiki!) .

Gear should be extended at ~2000ft AGL (if you are in the speed parameters (for realism only)) or 8-10nm from the threshold.

Some tips to land: try to use the HUD at first. Allign the FPV with the treshold and flare at the correct height (most of the time stated in the profiles on the IFC). You can always try to do some pattern work at a controlled (but not too busy) airport to practice.

For a flightplan, I personally use Simbrief, then IF Flightplan Tools | Editor and downlaod it and put it on my phone with a USB cable (saves me a lot of time). On Simbrief you will also find the standard climb and descent profiles for your selected aircraft.

Not sure what you mean with this so if you could elaborate on that I might be able to help.
Feel free to send me a DM on the IFC or on the IF Discord.
Happy flying!


I think one possible useful, very quick answer, is to “mirror” a video of someone doing a skilled landing with sufficient narration of what they are doing.

Check out someone like staff member Dan’s videos, and mirror what you hear and see. And do it a number of times. This mirroring idea is one technique used, for example, to effectively train new teachers how to learn to teach most effectively.

And it’s good for aspiring musicians too, because what you hear and see is a more powerful example for your reflexes than what you read.

Also works for learning how to solve complex math problems, etc. etc.

There’s a lot of nuance in the visual image you pick up that can’t easily be described in words.

Then, for drilling it into muscle memory, there’s nothing like going to solo mode and doing short final over and over again.

Thanks Mats that was helpful
For the last section i meant that usually i map my flight plan and feed in computer but just few seconds before or min before when i disengage autopilot my plane goes out of control and i am unable to make a proper landing .

What should i do correctly to make sure once i disengage auto pilot i land smoothly?

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when you are ready to disarm A/P:

  1. Calibrate your device and keep it in the same position
  2. Check next to the trim button to see if you should add/remove trim. (If the green line extends below the middle you should add, and if it is upwards of the middle you should remove.) make sure you are going the correct appr speed though.
  3. Disengage A/P and monitor your speed
  4. Land.


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