Landing Pattern Required at KLAX?

Hi all, learning ATC in PG and have about 2900 ops under my belt. After some practice I want to start controlling aircraft to land in a pattern and in sequence. I had a question re: some specific airports that seem to not fly in a pattern but enter straight in for landing. For this example, I’ll chose KLAX, but it could be applied to similar airports with parallel runways.

So for westbound traffic entering KLAX, most aircraft enter straight in. For eastbound traffic, I usually have them enter a downwind as per the pattern. Same goes for north/south traffic.

My question is first is this correct? Also, should aircraft always be enetered into a landing pattern or are their situations where traffic should just enter straight in. I see this a lot a EGLL, KORD in addition to KLAX. Thanks!

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It is up to you how realistic you want it to be. As you get more comfortable with traffic you will find what works best for you. The #1 thing to always think about when controlling is to have a plan.

This is what KDFW approach/departures look like. They sort of follow along the edges of the “box”. Planes enter it from the corners usually but wherever it works best.


You are doing the right thing by trying to split the runways where they are inbound from. I do this at EGLL, planes from the north get 27R, Planes from the south/east get 27L. It depends on how busy it is though.

This is more of my plan while I am working approach as you can control further out. It follows the same model.

Good luck, keep up the good work!


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