Landing or Takeoff?

MD11F FedEX _________ at Miami Int’l Airport!

Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: MD11F
Airline: FedEX
Route: KJAX - KMIA

Correct answer will be revealed tomorrow!


Wow! Great picture!

Landing btw, because flaps are full ;)


Landing cause I land with flaps fully deployed


Landing because the flaps are full

But you might be trying to fool us and I’ll go with take off

Landing, I believe you can also see the spoilers just starting to come up

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Believe in your gut feeling!

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Takeoff because you were thinking of a nice angle and you didn’t realize that you were taking a lot of runway and you put your flap down to get off the runway quickly to avoid getting ghosted. JK, I think you landed.


That would only slow the plane down, not increase lift. The flaps are way too high for that.

I was joking if you didn’t realize.

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I think it was take off

Don’t criticize me I know your not supposed to take off with flaps full… but he could’ve done it on purpose…

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Landings as the flaps are full, looks like you forgot to arm the spoilers though unless you haven’t touched down yet, hard to tell from the camera angle

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