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Hey guys, today I wanted to ask when I’m landing with ATC it gave me options what do these mean? On the ILS, and fullstop. Please let me know what these mean, thanks!

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So I don’t select full stop when I’m actually doing a full stop on the runway? And when I land if I’m going back in the takeoff line immediately then do I just select landing?

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Full stop means your going in for a landing, you will arm your spoilers and do your normal procedures, but then you will contact ground and ask to taxi for parking.

Here’s an example,

Delta Uniform Kilo requesting to land at Runway 27, full stop. Cleared to land <<

After I landed, I will taxi to parking. That what full stop means.

Touch and Go means that you will land without Spoilers, but you will slow down with breaks and takeoff again

Here’s an example,

Delta Uniform Kilo Ida, requesting touch and go Runway 27

It likes a go around without spoilers

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Well, you don’t have to full stop and park on the runway after calling a ‘full stop’. Just roll out and leave the runway on the taxiway. It doesn’t matter if you are taxiing to parking or to a runway afterwards.

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Then what does ILS mean?


Thanks this helped

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His problem was that he requested a full stop and the controller cleared him for the option

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