Landing only using the FPV?

(from my edited comment in @Hayden_Pearce’s post)

Have you tried landings by just focusing on the FPV alone - controlling pitch to put the FPV as close to on-the-horizon as possible (at touch down)?

Definitely if you can do that you will not bounce from hitting the runway too hard.

But I’ll go further than that. Try to forget watching airspeed directly. Instead adjust the mixture of power and pitch so that your FPV is under control. You’ll get used to a certain safe angle range the FPV can stay below the nose mark.

If the FPV starts dropping too much below the nose mark, add some power; remove power if it gets too close to the nose.

Use the FPV for everything, for practice, both IAS control (again, FPV angle below the nose has to be held within a fixed range), and VS low on touch down.

Just to be clear, there are two reference lines you are comparing the FPV to:

1)the earth’s horizon (VS control)

2)the aircraft nose (IAS control)
(edit: this is the way the Wright Brothers did it - AoA as a means to proper speed; no IAS gauge)


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