Landing on runway without ILS

I may have missed this, I have not done instrument approach to a runway without an ILS.
Just landed at runway 34 at YMML which has no ILS and struggled to get it lined up and there is no glideslope reference.
Is there a guide on how to do this?

Without ILS, it’s all visual. The PAPI Light can assist, but certainly no replacement

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The PAPI lights next to some runways are a great reference to make sure you are on the correct glide slope for where you are. I linked how they work and to understand them below.

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You can select the R34-Z approach in proc and get altitudes for the approach and then use VNAV.

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I didnt know IF has working PAPI lights actually.

You can use the waypoints in a so-called RNAV approach where the waypoints would more or less put you in the center line.

The final approach charts as well as the VNAV feature are useful in that you can use the various altitudes to guide you down to the runway.

Otherwise, in in VFR conditions, use PAPIs for checking your vertical profile and visually to check on the alignment with the runway’s centerline.


Does (R) beside the runway name mean RNAV and (I) mean ILS when choosing the available approach?!

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Yes, correct. Here are some info on it

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Thanks a lot🙏

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