Landing on Low Battery

I successfully completed an approach and landing on 1%! I’m not sure how the iPad didn’t die, but I’m grateful so I won’t question it.
Flight details: JAL 789, ~1:30 flight time

What’s the lowest percent you’ve ever played IF on?


10% on an iPad

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0% I plugged my phone in right when hit 0 and it did not die got the charger in the port at the right time!


I guess I wasn’t so lucky, regularly I forget to plug in my phone during overnight flights, and when I wake up I realize.

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I was at 1% after flying around California for 7 hours on a car ride to Las Vegas


100% was the lowest

gonna pretend I didnt see that

my lowest was somewhere around 3%

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I’ve only had 1 instance where I got concerned about my battery while playing IF.

I was flying from EHAM to TNCM and about a half an hour after departure I noticed my iPad was at 5% cuz i forgot to plug it in.

When I plugged it in it wasn’t charging and lost 2% before I tried plugging it again and it worked.

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2% or something and then I plugged it in. I think I was approaching the airport at the time.

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About 7%. I forgot to charge it once at cruising altitude and landed with just 7%. (Yes, I charged it afterwards.)

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I have completed a long haul at 4% lol

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I can always tell when im at like 2% because my phone will slow down so I go plug it in.

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