Landing On Autopilot


Ok thank you. I never take off in crosswinds, mostly headwinds. This whole time I thought it was mostly me.


Only if its bad weather otherwise always a mauel landing for me


Well said! You are completely correct:) I try to tell people this all the time.


Yes, CAT II, III, IIIb and IIIc is only to be used when visibility is poor and when it’s not very windy.

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Kind of off topic but didnt want to start new thread. What is the proper procedure for a missed approach?


Also what is the difference between declaring a go around vs missed approach?


You can find missed approach details in approach charts


Yea, it’s off topic. But if you check post #7 here you will find a pretty in depth post about what it means.


Turn on autopilot hdg control but do it the second you get on the runway

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