Landing on an Island!

I have been wanting to do this flight for a while, and after weeks of putting it off I finally got the time to do it. I hope you like the pictures, and feedback is appreciated! A youtube video about this flight will be coming soon 😉

Flight Details
  • Flight time: 1:25
  • Route: RKSI-RJBB

Please tell me which photo you liked the most!

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RGBB is not an airport. Where exactly did you fly?

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I’m not too sure about the editing, it’s way too warm, almost like there’s a yellow filter on it. Too much editing I’m my opinion.

But I do still like the photos, great job!


I love the big boi PW4000s, good job!

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You meant RJBB?

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Wow! Great photos, love the blur

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Yeah it RJBB! Sorry for the typo.

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Great photos bud!

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Well done as always, your getting better and better! #6 was my favorite.

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