Landing numbers

Hi how can I find how many landings I have

AFAIK there is no way to tell how many landings you have. There is a way to estimate that though. IF saves a logbook of the significant (Not landing/takeoff only) flights you’ve piloted.

If you’re looking for the logbook, tap the top of your screen in the gray bar that has the settings gear and the Q&A “?” question mark. It will default to show your user account. On the left hand side, you’ll see “Logbook” underneath “User Account”. Click Logbook and you’ll see the flights. Works with an iPhone at least

Hope this helps.

Best, Boeing707

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In the LiveFlight website you can see the # Landings for yourself. Spawn into an airport in IF, then find your plane in LiveFlight (using a web browser) and click on it. Click again on option for More Info. I run IF on my iPad and look at LiveFlight from my desktop computer.


sounds good but how do I get to LiveFlight on a pc? is there a web address?


@Eric_Schmeric nailed it, :)

Thank you it worked great :)

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