Landing Numbers continue decreasing

I am again trying to figure out why my landing stats keep going down. The last I checked 3 days ago it was at 54 and I open up the App and it is at 45. I know that you have Visited this issue several times already. I Had and issue with the server about a year ago where my account was somehow connected to several other people and there were discrepancies. IF fixed the problem and everything was fine. A month ago or so, I was at 105 landings and today I am at 46. I am humbly asking that this might be the issue. I’m not upset and I do love this App so can you please look into this for me. I will upload my stats from the past several weeks. Just 3 or 4.
Thank You for your understanding and consideration with this problem.
Sincerely, Steven image


This belongs in the #support category. (So it will reach someone to help quicker)

Good Luck!


Landings are in a 90-day period.
Perhaps you are timing out on landings >90 days.
Note the scehdule on your stats graph.


Your landings over a 90 day period are counting, let’s say 90 days ago you did 5 landings well then tomorrow those 5 will not be counted anymore.

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Your total landings are under landings. Your looking at your landings in a 90 day period like others have said. It looks like you have over a 1000 landings total currently

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Thank you for responding. Does that mean I have to fly every day or so 2 or more flights every time I fly

Just so we are clear, there are no issues with the landings decreasing. Respectfully, the issue lies in the understanding of how landings are recorded. In your previous threads that were created, multiple members on this community tried to explain what you are failing to recognize. Again, the 90 day landings row indicate the number of landings accumulated in the last 90 days. Period. No questions asked, plain and simple. The landings row at the top are your all time landings which include touch and go, full stop landings, or stop and goes. Period. That should be pretty straight forward as well. Please, please, please, take the time to understand what people have told you many times in the past and now. Thanks and hopefully this gives you a better explanation.


Okay I think I get it the more I fly in a day the more my stats go up

Wait a second…
was this topic:

not helpful enough?

What about this one?

Both of these topics have provided the correct answer, numerous times. In my opinion, the solution was quite clear, you need to fly daily in order to keep that count up.


I think you’re right.

Okay I get it. I wil not post it again. And thank you for your understanding and patience.

Dude how many times are you going to ask this question?
Let me make this very clear.
91 days ago you made more landings then you did today. That is why they are decreasing. It’s not a total landing count but within the last 90 days. Please stop asking this same question.


I get it. Thank You for your patience. I won’t post this anymore. I appreciate all the information.

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The best thing to do is achieve 2 landings a day and you should always remain Grade 4 if all the over criteria is met