Landing not saving

I am facing an issue which causes that after I finish a flight and land it doesn’t add the landing in the state my current total 90 days landing are 77 but its should have been 79 because I did 2 flights but it didn’t added the landings

This may sound blunt but are your landings good? It only counts as a landing if you roll for 10 or so seconds, no bouncing, etc.

It’s not an issue regarding WiFi connection or app problems.

Landings need to be of a certain standard for them to count to your total. The 3 following criteria, so long as you stick to them, should help you understand.

  • Landings need to be at least 15+ seconds apart - You need to be up in the air for a while for them to count.
  • You must go under 50knts (ground speeds)
  • No bouncing, (Crab method only works with CRJ+)

My final piece of advice is that you should choose an airport on the casual server, that has the least amount of wind - Basically to make it as easy as possible and no chance of violations being received.

Hope this helps!

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No, I believe it counts your landings as long as you touch a runway. Touch and goes are logged as landings.

Is your overall landing count going up? It is advised to add the landing count to your bar at the bottom to make sure it registers before you end the flight.

Additionally, looking at the 90 day number may be misleading because if you typically do flights at the same time of day some may fall off as time goes on. The 90 day count is 90 days from the current date/time, not just the day.

I would suggest doing another landing or two, make sure it registers and exit the flight cleanly (not killing the app but pressing end flight). There really is not a way to tell what happened after the fact so we would be guessing.


My post gives clarification ^

Yes I know

No, it does not, I tested it before. For the touch and go you would need to roll for a few seconds for it to count.

I have also tested it before, and it counts it for me

I just did a touch and goes in a C172 and it counted it

Purely because you went under 50knts - not for the time period you were on the runway for.

So basically if you go under 50 knots but don’t stay on the runway, the fact that you were slow enough cancels out your time on the runway? This would make much more sense.

Essentially, yes.

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So long as you are under 50knts and have touched down previously, you can go anywhere you’d like.

Yes, touch and goes count. If you bounce and porpoise on the runway, it might not count. You need to roll for a few seconds like you did.

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My landings are usually butter

Anyway thank you guys the problem has resolved I log out my account and logged in again then it has fixed thank you