Landing not recorded

Not sure if it’s a known issue, however I done a flight yesterday from Vienna to London Heathrow and upon landing the “landing count” didn’t change and Remained on 0.

Any thoughts why this could be?

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Hi there!

The current landing criteria is the following;

  • No landing (touchdown of wheels) in the last 30 seconds
  • Touchdown has to be on a runway for a few seconds
  • At least one main gear (not one wheel) touching the ground
  • Ground speed must be above 10kts

Can you confirm that all items listed in the above criteria were met?


Hi thanks for the swift reply…yes all above criteria was met.

Hey! It is possible that it’s some sort of delay in the system. I wouldn’t be surprised if your totally landing count has gone up but lagged behind a bit during that flight.

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Quite possibly…I know the landing count on screen didn’t change by the time I taxied to gate which has never done before so though it was worth feeding back .

See how in the top right-hand corner, there is a red circle with an exclamation mark in it? That would mean that something was wrong with your connection at the time.


Yes? Could this be the problem?

Maybe. Could you go to your pilot stats and check how many landings you have? Then try doing a few touch and go’s to see if we can narrow this down to your connection. While flying, check to see if that red circle is present.


But I was receiving ATC comms right the was through TIL I parked up at gate. Surely if there was a connection issue I wouldnt get that?

Well, ATC would have to do with your connection to the live server. The landing counter could be related to the API, I believe. The red circle might indicate an issue with the API, since API is included in the top right-hand network/server menu.

Hopefully someone who knows more about this stuff will be able to swing by.


Are you able to load the replay file of that specific flight?

I often find that if I land slightly out of the white lines the landing doesn’t count - did you land in the middle of the runway?


I have the same problem today.

BTW, it wasn’t my best landing but I follow with the same number of landings.

My motivation, flying more so I don’t have any problem if it won’t count.

Tomorrow I’ll try to share my replay.



  • Put landing count in the bottom bar and watch it go from 0 to 1 before exiting.
  • Make sure you are looking at total landing and not the 90 day.
  • Follow other guidelines for landings. On a runways, exited the app, etc.
  • You must be on a live server. Doing a flight on solo do not count.
  • In some cases you may need to do a flight after for it to sync up.

Advise has been given. If the issue persists please let us know.