Landing not credited

Hello team,

My name is Yannick,

My callsign is N983QL.

I’m currently in Grade 2.

For the past 24hrs, whenever I land, I’m not being credited for the landing.

I believe in 24hrs, I have had that issue 3 times.

Could you please take a look and let me know?


Hello @yanmo4ever,

To perhaps better assist you, could you please send over a replay of a landing that was not counted using

This may help get us to the bottom of it. Thanks!

Also, just trying rule everything out, did you have a stable connection during these times? I.e. connected to the server?

Additionally, can you confirm that your landings weren’t made in the solo server?

Only multiplayer (casual, training , and expert server) flights can be credited to your account.

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My landings were done on training and casual server in multiplayer. I have received a violation 1 for staying more than 60 seconds before take off; is that the reason why I’m not credited for landing?

Would be nice to see where you are touching down on the runway. That matters.

Were you disconnected from the Internet?

Probably was disconnected from the server you won’t receive any credit if you receive a violation

See screenshots of my landing

I was not disconnected and this is the 3rd time I have that issue

I was not.

Does this happen with every airplane and every airport?

Also I landed using APPR.

Yes! 3 different airports and airplanes.

And all three times you used APPR?

Yes all on APPR!

That’s probably why. Appr is kinda trash and your also not even on the runway, like at all.
Not even past the threshold💀

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Send your replay. Looks like you are touching down before the threshold.

I believe there might be an issue with APPR. Try a manual landing.

@Topgottem and @RickG are correct. If all three of your landings are before the threshold (displaced threholds do not count), they might not be credited.

Ideally, APPR should be used in dire conditions, as a lot of times its landings can be pretty bad, especially in smaller airports (I had a horrible landing today with APPR in Fresno International Airport “Yosemite” [FAT/KFAT]).


I never user APPR personally, unless its LIFR conditions and I wont be able to confirm minimums. Then I use it

Aim for the big white bars

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