landing not counted

So I was flying from EDDF to KCLT and under the gradebook it showed I had 98 landings in the last 90 days and after I landed and I checked back after a couple hours it still shows 98 landing when it really should be 99 landings. I dont know if the last 90 days landing deducte the or the time when you landed but help will be appreciated

Did the total landing count change? That’s the relevant part, as the other one can constantly change based on what you did 90 days & 1 second ago.

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hey this happened to me please use this

refresh the device that helped me a couple times before

To be honest I do not now but you are saying it adds/subtract landings based off of the time you landed?

For example 90 days ago I landed at 12pm so today once it hits 12pm that landing will be deducted

If you did a landing 90 days and 1 second ago, it will be subtracted from the 90 days count :)

now I see thanks. You can close now.

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