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Hey guys! Hope you’re having a wonderful Christmas for those who celebrate. So my friend is new to IF, and he has completed multiple flights including landings, but the problem is, about 4 landings have not been considered and yet they are still not being registered, and he did not crash in all cases. So what could be the cause of his unregistered landings?
Thanks for the help in advance.


Could your friend ensure that he met the following “requirements”:

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yes we have actually read all of these information, the thing is, he made sure to land in all these conditions but the landing wasn’t considered.

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Can you get a screenshot of his landing or a video?

Sometimes it takes time for IF to process the landings.
I recommend your friend closes the IF app, and do another few patterns or landings. Should be fine I think.

Make sure you are ending your flight cleanly. Use the end flight button instead of force closing. See if that helps. The landing count will not update until you end the flight.


he unfortunately did not record any video or took a screen shot :|

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in previous ones, he always made sure to get the plane to a full stop after the landing and ended the flight. We still don’t know why the landings are not registered.

I had the same issue during my landing to EGLL yesterday. I’m grade 4 and I’m pretty sure I had a landing as per all requirements for landing to be considered.

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Very helpful! Had this question on my mind for a while too… thanks for your help!


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