Landing not computed

hello today i did a short flight from SBGR to SBGL and something very strange happened the plane got a shadow on top of it looking like it had another plane in the same place and it posed it was not counted nor the flight hours if you need I have the images of print that I took from the screen

Where are you checking when they “Weren’t” counted, by that point did you end the flight and then look or look while you were still in that session? If you looked while in the session your stats don’t update until you end flight, that was done in 20.1 for some optimization

Hey there! This is most likely due to a large CDN network having a fault today which affected infinite flight and ultimately affected how the scenery is loaded. This could of played a factor in this.


I checked the landing count and the flight hours count at the beginning where it should be after we finish any flight as you can repair the taxi lines will disappear even the runway signaling will also disappear

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