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Everytime when I land aircraft at Vref when I make contact with the runway my aircraft always veer hard to the right even when my headwinds are 10 degrees or less what am I doing wrong??


Good day! I would highly advise to use rudder and hand fly the aircraft when landing or departing. The reason your aircraft goes off the runway is most likely due to the lack of rudder input keeping the aircraft aligned with the runway.

Welcome to the community btw!

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@Adrian_Palacios Welcome to the community! 10 knots or 20 knots, the aircraft will weather vane into the wind and if not corrected on touchdown or takeoff, the aircraft could depart from controlled flight. With practice on crosswind technique in a variety of weather conditions you will get better! I know I still struggle with the 757 and CRJ’s after hundreds of game hours. There’s also tons of guides and tutorials on the forum for this exact question, I hope this helps! Welcome again!

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Hi, and welcome!

As @KBDLAviation and @sfahyaviation mentioned, even a fairly small wind speed will cause sufficient weathervaning to make opposite rudder input necessary.

This occurs any time the wind arrow is not aligned with your direction of travel (pointing either forward or backward) and there is even a small wind speed.

The best way to practice this is in solo mode using the short final function. To get a feel for it, set the wind direction slider directly opposite your direction of travel. After you see that there will be no yaw caused, start changing the angle of wind gradually. Just keep practicing until the amount of rudder starts to get internalized. 10kts of wind will be sufficient. 20kts obviously makes it more challenging, especially at high angles from your flight path.

This is IF’s crosswind landing tutorial:
Good luck!

  • I have a tip! When approaching for landing, pay attention to your aircraft’s GPWS, when it says “10” just before ringing, you will pull your aircraft’s rudder in the opposite direction where the wind is coming from, this will make your landing stabilized, and does not leave the centerline of the track.
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Thank you this is a great sim a whole lot better than Xplane, I actually dislike that one it’s no good. Another you might want to try is DCS Digital Combat Simulator for fighter jets, it’s almost the real thing. Another problem I have is overshooting the runway sometimes, or descending too late, how can I better this??

Go into settings and make sure “auto coordination” is not checked.

This couples yaw (the rudder) and roll (ailerons) on the ground. That means that any roll you are commanding from the aircraft at touchdown may suddenly be converted to yaw at touchdown. Be ready to control with the rudder though since tilting the device will no longer do anything on the ground. The rudder can be a little sensitive and tricky to get used to but I promise it will be worth it once you get used to it.

I just lost my account for infinite flight is there any way to recover it or I’m I screwed??

Lost my account as in no longer subscribed? In that case everything is still saved and you just have to resubscribe again if you wish to regain access.

No I had Infinite flight downloaded on my tablet then suddenly last night it disappeared on its own, I sure didn’t uninstall it I’m addicted to this simulator. So can I recover my account or do I have to pay again for get pro, I don’t have a lot of money right now to pay til end of the month??

You should be able to redownload it and sign back in with no issues.

If you use the 787 then thats why, that plane is impossible to fly, might as well remove it lol

Continuously concentrate on the zone you want to touch down in, as in “keep your eye on the ball.” The only way to consistently hit the ball (touch down zone) is to keep your eye on it. If the zone moves up or down in your view, your brain more directly responds with control changes. (some instructors put a piece of tape on the windshield as an aiming reference)

But also, if you are going too fast, it is having too much energy to dissipate, to “get out of the sky.”

Definitely know what airspeed allows you to not have too much energy.

So keep your eye on: 1) touch down zone, 2) reasonable approach airspeed

But being too high is also “too much energy.”

If you can’t keep your speed down as you come in, then you are coming in too high.

Perhaps try using VNAV while you watch and try to memorize the appearance of the approach angle that seems to consistently work.

I’m trying to recover my account but it says M8L doesn’t recognize this account with infinite flight, NOW WHAT???

Put forward pressure on the nose in any crosswind at all. It will completely eliminate the yaw until you’re ready with rudder at rotation.

I purchased the get pro on my phone but that got stolen 2 weeks ago the M8L is my tablet so now I’m screwed last night it strangely uninstalled itself, 😡😡 frustrating!!!

I noticed a lot of times I will fly Vref I usually fly the 757-200 and Vref for that is 125-130 knots but seems excessive landing fast with hard impact or I slow down but go into stall it’s frustrating.

Why are the fighter jets like F-14 and F-16 so damn difficult to land , I always crash and I’m landing at 130 knots any slower I go into a stall, then when I do touchdown I use the rudder to keep straight but still veer out of control and flip the jet crash and burn ❤️‍🔥, how can you remedy this??

My tip for a good starting place is start the 757 is solo mode. When I tested it just now the load was 54%. Set winds to zero at first.

Now solo mode, short final function, remembers your throttle setting. So as soon as you go into “short final” set throttle at 50% or just above. And then hit short final again.

Your position will start over but your throttle should stay where you set it (and remain there as you retry over and over).

Now just keep doing short final over and over again, focusing only on keeping enough pitch to get to your touch down zone.

Cut throttle when over the threshold.

With only having to think about pitch control here, you should be able to get a good feel of how to touch down with little vertical speed.

You don’t have to touch the left/right steering at all.

You can notice the FPV will always be near the horizon whenever you touch down smoothly. You always get a bounce when the FPV falls too far below the horizon.

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