Landing Mistake?

Okay so I was flying to San Diego and I called inbound for landing they gave me cleared to land runway 27. Once I come to final Atc said “Make a 360 for spacing”. And by then im already about to touch down on the runway I was so confused after I touched down they said “Wait for clearance before landing” And im like okay whats going on did I screw up or what? Then I got to the taxi way and Atc says “I’m In active airspace please contact tower”. When I should be on Ground can some one please explain why I’m wrong?


You didn’t do anything wrong. That’s the atc’s fault. They don’t always do the right commands lol.

I was so confused it made me look like the bad guy because there is like 20 other planes on the taxi way more then likely hearing what atc is saying to me.

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What server were you on.

ATC Playground.

Oh then the ATC probably didn’t know what he was doing. You should fly on advanced server the ATC is more professional.

Do you know who the ATC was?

I got that too ! San diego tower said make left 360 for spacing but I ignored that because I’m close to runway 27, then ATC said cleared to land !!

You were basically instructed to go around, but simply the controller said make a left/right 360. This also removes your landing you landing clearence when its announced. You should have done a go around, but its most the controller fault. Since he should have said Go Around. :)