Landing location stats

A thought that came to mind recently, I think it would be cool to be able to see where we have landed in our IF aviation career. A simple count of the number of landings we’ve had at every airport we ever landed in would be nice.

The information can give pilots some variety if they are trying to come up with new flight routes.

you can do it yourself with replay tab and a table

Wouldn’t it be nice if that whole process could be instantly computerized?

I think that this feature is cool, but it will be too unpopular.

The concept is similar to the stats you get when you enter IF Live where you see Airspace stats (landings at each airport, where ATC is active, which ATC stations are open). I think people would want to see this info for the IF career. Hopefully they vote lol.

This is actually a pretty cool request! They have this on myflightradar24 where it shows your most common airports, aircrafts, airlines, and more. Here’s mine as an example:

This isn’t a necessary feature, and there are definitely other things I would like to see added before this, but this would provide a little more insight into how we fly on IF.

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