Landing Lights?

When is the proper time to turn on and off my landing light?

I turn my landing light on only when I’m landing! I feel like there is another way I should do it. Please tell me so I can be as realistic as possible!


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You turn them on before takeoff and turn off after going over 10000 ft


You put on your landing lights when you are cleared for take off by ATC and start rolling on to the runway. Until you reach 10000ft. Agl.

You turn them back on when you descend and get below 10000ft agl. (AGL = Above Ground Level)

You can turn them off when rolling of the runway after you landed.

You can find this all in the IF guide on the website.


ON - when entering the runway upon departure
OFF - when climbing past 10000ft

ON - when descending past 10000ft
OFF- when exiting the runway


Thank you!

Your welcome.

Dont forget to have a look over here in the future:


Also make sure to turn on when crossing a active runway!

i only turn strobe lights on when crossing a runway

On when taking off and crossing a runway. When passing 10000 feet turn them off until you’re descending pass 10000 feet turn them back on, but if you’re like me and forget I leave them on the whole flight 😂

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Crossing an active runway both strobes and landing

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Don’t quote me on this, but I’ve heard something about landing lights only turned on when cleared to land.

Nope, you have to turn on your landing lights before you enter 10,000FT AGL.

This was an old procedure out of use now

Actually I did a search, and apparently there are no regulations concerning the use of landing lights, so it’s really all SOP based. IRL turning on landing lights on the A320 will actually waste fuel.

In this answer someone says that there are airlines that only turn on landing lights on short final.

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See, all people here are telling you 10,000 feet, I don’t say they are wrong.
The altitude associated with landing lights depends upon airline to airline
For example,
Air India- 10,000 feet
Cathay - 10,000 feet
IndiGo- transition altitude
AirAsia India- 5,000 feet AGL
JET AIRWAYS - transition altitude or 10,000 feet depending on whichever comes first.

Other than this, turn them on when you get takeoff clearance and turn them off after exiting the runway 's hold short line.


I just turn mine on whenever I have any notch of flaps down because that’s under 6,000

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