Landing lights

Will there be and up date on the Illuminations on the aircraft’s. Like logo lights, inspection lights and taxi turn off lights

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When project metal is finished, hopefully. :) Read up on it here: Project Metal


Possibly after Project Metal is completed. Project Metal summed up is a graphics system upgrade to allow for better processing of graphics-related code.


Newly reworked lights will come in Project metal here is the blog that covers what will come!


Ahh cool. Hope so 😃

Thanks for the info

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Hello Jamie!

Glad to see that you are interested in realistic lightings such as logo, and taxi lights! Project Metal is reworking the foundation in which IF was created to allow developing room for further growth in the sim. Expanding the root of the app is the best way to add in all these features you want!

The Infinite Flight Community offers the #features category to allow the IFC members to vote for items they would like to see in the sim. While it is unlikely these lighting features will happen before project metal (project metal will not all the sudden produce these features), you can vote for them on the Community!

Voting for the following features can be done by going to the top left corner and clicking the blue vote button. Check out the feature requests below!

Tail Logo Lights:

Aircraft Taxi Lights:

Taxiway lighting:

The introduction of project metal will introduce the ability to allow additional features within the sim. I would like to re-iterate that this does not mean that Project Metal will bring any of these ideas into the sim, one can only hope. It will allow the sim to have volumetric effects, shadows, higher texture streaming, and more. All of which can be found in the blog article linked above. Happy exploring!


When did project metal started and how long os it gonna take until it’s finisched?

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Does that mean that it will change the graphics?

Brilliant information there. That you so much for that. It’s great to know that it will be coming

Project Metal was announced on January 22, 2020. As with most developer items, there is no expected release date. The latest update was sent by Jason on August 11, 2020. You can view that update here:

Answering your second question, it is meant to update the base on which the app was created to allow for the following, all of which are on the blog article:

  • Dynamic lighting: the ability to have aircraft lights (airport lights, and more) illuminate the environment dynamically
  • Improved aircraft shading that takes into account light coming from the environment around it
  • Realtime shadows
  • Volumetric effects like dense 3d clouds and better fog
  • Texture streaming improvements to allow more visible aircraft in multiplayer

To allow for further knowledge about project metal and updates with project metal check out the following two items. The first is a blog post stating what project metal is and why it is happening. The second is the ongoing thread that all updates about project metal will be shared. It is advisable that any further questions you may have (after reading the two links below) should be directed into that thread!

Blog post:

Ongoing Community thread about Project Metal:


Thanks for taking your time and finding all this information man. Appreciate it


Thank’s man

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Keep an eye on the #features and #announcements for more information.