Landing Lights when Taxiing: Personal Preference or Not?

I’m very active on the Expert server and fly almost every night. I see more and more people taxi with Landing lights on and this baffles me. I have always been under the impression that Landing lights are only to be used Under 10000ft and/or on an Active Runway. I see many experienced IF pilots taxi with their landing lights on and wondered is it down to personal preference? or should it be frowned upon as much as when strobes are used during taxi. I’d love to hear back from you and also hear about the official real world procedure.



Landing lights are on , When you enter a runway and when you pass 10,000ft they go off!


Some pilots like to simulate the landing lights as the taxi lights at the ground, that’s why they turn the landing lights on. ;)

Some people actually make this mistake on turning the landing lights and strobes on, but in most of the cases, they simulate with landing lights as we don’t have the Taxi in the game


I get that but lights don’t actually illuminate like they used to why not just follow the normal procedure?

I don’t know, probably personal preferences, pilots try to get they simulation more realistic as they can

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There’s this thread from way back. Maybe it can highlight your concerns

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I might be wrong but I think the FDS are working on illuminating lights in project metal I might be wrong though.

We don’t know too much about the project Metal and what this will be, we just have to wait and see what devs are making for us :)

Mysterious indeed I can’t wait for it!

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Personally I don’t use landing lights when taxiing, mainly becuase they simply they don’t illuminate. If there were actual separate taxi lights, or if landing lights illuminate onto the ground ahead, then it would be a different story for me.


I agree it’s very difficult to navigate the airport at night hopefully the devs will work some magic up like they usually do.

You’ll notice that many commercial aircraft will use their taxi lights while taxiing, but shut them off when they aren’t moving. It’s a visual cue to other aircraft they they’re not moving at that moment (this helps with right of way issues). I’m in favor of using my landing lights as taxi lights for this purpose, to let other aircraft know of my intention to move.


I only use Landing lights as I taxi in low visibility

Really I never knew that. Is it common knowledge? Seems very useful for those operating ground at busy airports no need for direct intervention.

I do not use landing lights during taxi, yes it is cool to simulate taxi lights, but I like to keep professional and not use them. I’d rather wait until we get actual taxi lights.

i do not use landing lights while i’m taxing because it does not illuminate or make a difference.

I never use landing lights or strobes when taxing, in real life they could practically blind the other pilots 😂

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I do not use landing lights or strobes when taxiing, but I do hope there are taxi lights coming in the future

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It’s not that widely known, unless you’re someone that works in aviation at the pilot/mechanic/airport crew Level. But if you know what you’re looking for, it becomes pretty easy to spot

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As soon as the tip of the nose crosses the runway I light her up! It’s a procedure that makes me ready to put my foot in the tank and let her roll! 👍🛩