Landing Lights & Strobes


Hey everyone,

This week’s flight training tutorial is on how to use the landing lights and strobes. I cover when to turn them on (not at the gate) before takeoff, and when to turn them off after landing. Hopefully this will clear up any questions or confusions about when to use the landing lights and strobes as well as when not to use them.

Post any questions relevant to this video below as well as any tutorial requests.

Happy and Safe Landings!!

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I love seeing pilots do these in game!


@Jdichter. MaxSez: I remind you Sir your not dealing with student pilots on this simulator. We all know there are extremely competed aviators with multiple tickets within the community. However, the majority of members are fledglings or aviation enthusiast. The community learning curve weighs on the beginner /novice side. The correction on the strobe issue was valid and revalidated a number of times citing the appropriate chapter and verse of the FAR & AIM which set the standards. Personal experience expands on the regulation and has its place. I have the highest regard, respect and confidence in our Chief Pilot he is however human. The Strobe Issue 'I’m sure was an oversight as corrected herein. The FAA Regulations should hold precedents in this Learning Environment… Gooday.


And the fact that you said MaxSez says it all. Simulator is a term used to simulate real life. Come fly with me or any other pilot and you will see what the AIM says does not happen on an everyday every flight basis. You learn from expierence. Why do you think I and everyone else now needs 1000 plus hours before even coming/going to an airline. Your profile quote describes an ego that is far too large for you. Just because you say it does not mean I will take it to the bank. Plus these are lights!? What is the big deal. It was a solid tutorial that mark put together. It was not an oversight because he asked me and asked other airline pilots how they use their lights. And I can assure you there was no oversight on his part at all. There are far too many I’m a pilot in training and this is what the book says so you are wrong, style of postings. There are ways to discount what someone says and ways to not. All I’m saying is that instead of saying so and so is wrong and uneducated and this is what the book says. Maybe ask why he said it a certain way. Good students ask questions. Poor students remain silent and the worst students act like they know everything and fight instruction and quote the damn book. I am an airline pilot. I do not know everything. I will admit that above all else. That said. If I don’t know I ask. And I never act like I know the book. Even though I know where to find it and quote it. I’ll be more curious to ask why you or someone else does it this way. Before I say they’re wrong and quote the book. That said light usage is also a person preference just about anywhere you go. But I assure you if you taxi around with your strobe lights on or have them on while sitting in line up and wait or taxi around without shutting off your taxi lights when facing or passing by someone else or blind rampers or just do rude things like that because the book says that’s how you do it. You will find your self being cussed out on frequency by every pilot on there without mercy. Take the tutorial for what you want. But as far as I am concerned it is correct. And I think Mark “our chief pilot” deserves more thank yous and well dones than ridicule and book quotings that he has been getting.


Out of interest is what is stated in the video in accordance with the standard procedures you use at the airline you fly at @Jdichter? i.e strobes only go on after take off clearance is received and not if just lining up?


Yes and know. It is really left up to the captain. That is my preference as a pilot because I don’t want to blind anyone. And at night with just our beacon/landing/wing inspection/ logo lights we are visible as is.


Who would you be blinding when sat on the runway with strobes on? I know you mentioned it in your post about taxiing with them on but no one was suggesting that.

The main issue is that all the other lights you mention do not blink and can often blend in with all the other lighting in an around the runway - someone mentioned the LAX accident where this exact scenario happened and the approaching aircraft did not pick out the metroliner which was lined up and which did not have strobes on. Strobes are different to all the other aircraft lighting you mentioned since they blink and are therefore distinct and more likely to be noticed against the background of steady non-blinking lighting on and around the runway. Once you are on the runway I would imagine you want everyone to be able to see you even if you are just sat there waiting for a take-off clearance?


@Jdichter… I appreciate your defending a friend. I also appreciate the fact that your an accomplish line 2d officer, you wear it on your sleeve with pride and verbosity, I thought you where a “Sports Pilot” from your tone. As an old broke wing military Aviator who pushed his first iron before you where a gleam in your daddies eye, I have opinions to based on practical experience I seldom express them here. I view the Forum as a school house. Just so you know I’m not just “ex military.” (After my 31 years of service and retirement I flew a desk for AmWest for a period so I have a feel for both world). I respect your opinion and comment but not in it’s tone or thrust. I like Mark and neither I or the folk who commented had no intention to offend. What you witness in this thread was the IF Forum Style at its best. Mark does not need a Guardian Angel he’s perfectly capable of defending himself and well respected here. What IF youngsters here need are teachers not pilot bar preachers who speak with there hand. We’d like mentoring not admonishing! Out


And that’s what we’re trying to accomplish mentoring from a real world perspective. As a CFI I believe real learning is accomplished in the air and not a book. A book can teach a lot just not experience. I am not a pilot bar preacher but a teacher my self. I am very open and as I am sure many here can attest I am very open to answer any questions, provide any insight, and give encouragement. And i agree what we need here are teachers. And mentors. And I am trying to do both. I by no means am defending Mark. He is a friend. He is a student and he will one day make a great CFI and he is today already a great mentor to many young people here. I respect your opinion and I respect your military expierence and I respect your age difference of me. And I respect your opinion and thank you for sharing it. I love the thought of this forum as a school house. The growth and knowledge growth from this has been tremendous and I am in a daily awe at it. I just think that people should be more thankful and less demeaning. Conversation is good. But that stems from questions. And not quotations. I am all for conversation as to why lights are used in certain ways (by and NOT by the book). That’s how the best learning will be accomplished. I have had several people already reach out to me about the lights and ask me questions and I encourage them to ask other real world pilots. Thanks for your input. And again I do apologize if you felt attacked. Not my meaning.


@Jdichter…Thank you for taking the time to clear the air! Initial perceptions and tone often distract and disrupt any thread and cause bruised egos. I jumped in with both feet as this thread is a Tutorial Category Video , Classroom material not a free flow Topic like most others. You’ve been here since 15, you know the game! Mark has a great video ground school library foundation solidly in place and apace. Unfortunately theres no live student/mentor program. Mark would be a natural on the boards, Of course my military mind Is programmed for rote learning with recruits and fledglings. Broke Dic…'s like “Us”, we know the truth. IOU a drink. Warm Regards, Max.


Aircraft taxiing or holding short. And yes that incident did happen however the airplane landed on the wrong runway I believe and the metro liner had no other lights on. And it all depends on the scenario. If the runway is dual use for takeoffs and landings I may put my strobes on anyway so I can be seen. Unless I know the traffic landing behind me is far enough out. It’s all dependent on scenarios. Hence the reason I say it’s all about real world expierence. You learn from expierences.

Jared Dichter


I completely agree with you on the lights. On a side note, I believe the Metroliner crash happened both because of a lack of lighting and the controller forgetting about the LUAW command he had given.


I believe you are absolutely correct. Did a report on it a while back for class. Just can’t pull it out of my head haha. Although all that sounds familiar.


Sounds like a plan. I can totally agree with all that has been said. Hard to kick old habits I get that. And harder to kick bruised egos. Especially cause we’re all males and our egos are so important to all of us. Glad the air is clear. And we all can continue the good work that is happening here. And I believe deep down the work is good and the progress is outstanding.


Thanks for this tutorial. So needed… 🤔


Thanks Mark for learning me a lesson! I subscribed to your channel exactly 9 months ago! 👮


This is my understanding as well

Introducing Infinite Passengers
Introducing Infinite Passengers