Landing Lights Reversed on Boeing 738

This is a pretty minor issue, but I realized on climb-out from KCLT that the landing lights appeared to be reversed on my American 738. Not sure if this has been internally noted already, but thought I’d mention it in case it hasn’t been picked up yet.

If it is just a glitch specific to this flight that’s fine, I’ll test it out again when I land at KSAN and can respawn in a different 738. Something like that doesn’t seem like it would be a one-off type glitch, but I could be wrong.

Am running on the current update 20.3. IPad Pro 2018 11”



This is on (I think) all of the aircraft. There was a bug in the 21.1 open beta that caused landing lights to become pink, so the work around was to make them grey. So this is a known thing.

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Ah that would make sense - probably easier to do a stop gap until a future lighting rework anyway. Although I know I saw the landing lights of a 757 taxiing behind me so I guess if it is on all aircraft it isn’t noticeable from a distance.

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