Landing lights on ground

I know this subject has been beaten to death more than once. I am just curious though, is there any development on the landing lights being able to be seen on the ground? I see 3D being worked on a lot, which is awesome. I see aircraft being reworked constantly, which is great to see. Update, please?

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That’s currently marked as a work in progress feature. Once the developers finish Project Metal, they will be able to work on lighting in a way that our devices don’t blow up. We have seen a lot of examples of better graphics and features, as Project Metal is being worked on. Some of those are 3D buildings and taxiway lights. I am sure landings lights have not been forgotten! 😄


I am surprised that Project Metal is not completed. The development team for IF is usually fast to get things done, in my experience. Granted, I am not here in the community too often. I thought it had been over a year. I could be wrong. I know coding is a royal pain in the a** most of the time.

Indeed, it’s very hard. Project Metal is not in the works since last year though. It’s a constant development that has started some years ago. The results are pretty obvious. Keep in mind that Covid-19 and the Ukraine - Russia conflict held back some things, but the team is struggling to get things working again.

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Is there a thread that keeps track of WIPs?

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This answers your question.

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@VixenKasai - These are currently the WIPs threads:

The social media and the development timeline are also great resources!