Landing lights illumination

Hi, I hesitate to post this as a bug, and I can’t post in Features. It would me move if the landing lights illuminated the ground (well whatever the light would hit). The nav lights seem to. Not sure in real aviation if they use the landing lights for taxi?


In real world they use the nose gear lights for taxi

They do have them they just don’t light the taxi way up at all

Duplicate topic please search before posting thanks

Until the devs add real illumination to the landing lights (which is more important rather than more aircraft liveries or more aircrafts) there is the option of raising the brightness of the device, use the strobe lights and other lights to try and guide yourself when taxing (you need to know the taxiway layout for this) or, play only at noon or sunrise.

Sorry Benny.

Nah it’s ok I’m not gonna do anything don’t worry. If you really want this added just go to the topic I linked and go like and comment it. The devs look for the features with the highest likes and “push” it higher on the agenda list. If you really want it then tell your friends who are members on the forum to go like it and hopefully they will add it 😊